Can body language effect our physiology?

February 15th, 2013 | No Comments

I wanted to share this TED talk from Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy.  Amy specialises in a social science called nonverbals (also known as body language)

We all know that our body language has a powerful effect on our communication with others and how we are perceived.  But did you know that our body language also has a powerful effect on our own thoughts, feelings and physiology?

Amy shares a scientific experiment from Harvard, where two groups adopted certain poses for 2 minutes.

The group that adopted a pose demonstrating power and confidence increased testosterone by 20% and decreased cortisol by 25%.  Whereas the group that adopted a negative pose decreased testosterone by 10% and increased cortisol by 15%.

These are significant findings worth taking note of as most supplements on the market don’t even come close to having this effect!

Take home message  Be aware of your body language as it can have a big impact how your day goes!


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