How Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day

June 1st, 2013 | No Comments

How does Michael Phelps consume 12000 kcal per day and be in such athletic shape.  If the caloric load of competitive swimming is only 860 kcal per hour?

This was the question Nasa materials scientist Ray Cronise asked himself as he pondered his own weight loss.

The answer is Thermodynamics  – water is 24x more thermally conductive than air and surprise – Michael Phelps lives in the water!

Ray even did a Ted talk about this concept,  check it out directly below (fwd to 3:33 if you want to cut to the chase).

I love this story! – Lewis aka The Human Polar Bear speaks of swimming the north pole in nothing but speedo’s!  Needless to say a very hard man.

How can you take advantage of thermodynamics?

In Tim Ferris’s book  ‘The four hour body’ he recommends,

  1. Place an ice pack on the back of your neck for 30 minutes in the evening.
  1. Consume 500 mls of ice water on an empty stomach upon waking – some studies have shown this to increase metabolic rate by 24-30%.  Though one study showed a lower effect of 4.5%.  Try it and see what you think for yourself.
  1. 5 -10 minute cold showers before breakfast and/or before bed.  Ive tried this one and found it to work, plus i really feel good after!  I recommend start with a warm shower and gradually lower it!
  1. 20 minute Ice bath’s for those of you who are extreme!



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