Testimonials about online training

Hesitant at first, I discovered during lockdown not only that I could continue to train efficiently with Conrad but that it even had a few advantages.”

“For many years I had enjoyed training in person and found the transition to virtual training surprisingly smooth and even beneficial. I could still achieve my goals with a minimum of
equipment and an adapted exercising program. None of Conrad’s trademark training skills were lost in the process, from detailed corrections to a great variety of exercises. It was also great to have the option to train while away from home.

Conrad recommended to get a few weights for home use which widened the range of exercise options and were a great investment.”

⇾Dirk Peltzer

I trained virtually with Conrad for over a year and really found that my strength,stamina and health improved.”

“Conrad is extremely professional, and always took time to analyse my nutrition, giving me holistic advice on diet and exercise. Training virtually was very convenient for me amidst my busy schedule, and I found worked better than travelling to gyms. Conrad's style is also highly motivating which kept me going throughout my training experience.”

⇾Ben M

During lockdown the gym was not an option but I was sceptical that training virtually would be effective.”

“However, while face-to-face training would always be my first choice, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could maintain the results I'd already achieved using just a few simple pieces of equipment under Conrad's expert guidance and encouragement. Being able to continue my training virtually gave me a huge boost mentally as well as physically when I was unable to leave my home to exercise and socialise.

It has the advantage that you can train from anywhere and it is easy to fit in a session around a full schedule. You don't have to factor in time travelling to and from the gym.

⇾Sarah Vaughan