Anthony Roberts

September 25th, 2016 |

“I chose Conrad to get me into condition before the summer, but didn’t realise that more than just a personal trainer I was getting a lifestyle coach. The results speak for themselves; between April and August he turned me from someone who looked all right in a suit but definitely not in swim trunks –  into a lean toned guy who managed to turn heads on the beach – and that hasn’t happened for 20 years! Conrad has a 360 degrees approach to training which includes attention to diet, and how you live life outside of the gym – not just pumping iron. But most of all he is motivational, which keeps you focused on the goals you set yourself. Although I signed up for 3 months I am now back for more as realise I can still improve further. If you want to sign up with Conrad, I suggest you book early and in advance – he is getting very popular!”

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