Charlotte Morton

September 25th, 2016 |

“Conrad has helped me achieve far more than I ever thought possible.  I originally just went to see him about a problem with my hip that was starting to prevent me walking and cycling. Now I am immeasurably healthier, fitter, stronger, happier and even feel younger – dreamy for any woman in her mid forties!

I trust Conrad’s knowledge and judgment implicitly. He has encouraged and empowered me to do many things on my own, but is also constantly learning, honing, reflecting on what is right for me; gently pushing me to achieve more without me noticing, always knowing when to go the next step. And always in his lovely, calm, fun way. My staff are benefiting, too – through me they see that keeping fit and eating well are important, and all have given very positive feedback from Conrad’s group sessions. 

Conrad is exceptional, and gently contributes to my life in so many ways. I shall be eternally grateful to my friend who recommended him to me.”

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