Dan Riley

September 25th, 2016 |

“In 2010 I damaged the muscles in my left ankle playing rugby. After a few weeks off I played again, using a standard compression tape technique on my ankle for support. This worked for the first game, although I suffered from reduced movement and speed. In the second game I re-injured the ankle despite the compression tape.

This is when I decided to visit Conrad O’Hagan, who convinced me try his new strapping technique using Kinesio Tape. Conrad applied the Kinesio Tape in narrow strips to support each individual muscle in my foot. Needless to say I was skeptical, as I had not seen Kinesio Tape before (it was a few months later that I noticed professional athletes using it) and I could barely feel the tape on me. It allowed me so much movement that it felt like nothing was there.

After receiving the strapping I played rugby, expecting that the Kinesio Tape would not work, and that I would need to retire injured. You can imagine my surprise when not only did I complete the match, but I did so with almost 100% movement and no ill-effects. The tape lasted for another match before I visited Conrad for a re-application. This was the only re-application I needed, as the ankle healed more quickly than expected.

I credit Conrad O’Hagan’s advanced strapping techniques for enabling me to perform despite injury, and more importantly, for speeding the recovery time of the injury. I have since continued to seek out Conrad for the management of any niggles, injuries and ongoing wear and tear, and would recommend him to anyone else in a heartbeat.”

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