I was on the verge of booking a surgery

July 5th, 2017 |

“A period of CrossFit training left my shoulder in a bad state – even putting a jacket on or pushing a door open saw me grimacing with pain, let alone doing any sort of mainstream strength exercises for upper body. A few unsuccessful attempts at physiotherapy and prescribed steroid injections later, I was on the verge of booking a surgery when a colleague put me in touch with Conrad. Conrad quickly identified the underlying postural issues and designed an exercise programme which specifically targeted the problem areas without triggering the pain. After 8 months of training under Conrad’s guidance, I can again lift, pull and push and do movements which I had not imagined possible 8 months ago. Progress has been remarkable and this has kept me highly motivated to keep going to the gym and get stronger and stronger. Conrad’s training methods and advice have clearly worked for me and – muscle-ups and handstands – here I come…. ”

Gert Raig

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