Kulpesh Suthar

September 25th, 2016 |

Conrad has proved invaluable and when using him for both strength and conditioning work and dietary advice he works out to be a zero cost service (no more buying takeaways on a regular basis).  What makes him different; physically he helped me educate my body to work properly.  He is responsible for rehabilitation of injuries, which I once thought were incurable (for example; severe shin pain when running, pain in my right foot when standing for a long time, tight hips).  He also taken the time to get to know my physique and balanced it out so as well as being functionally strong, I look more balanced aesthetically and from the perspective of my posture.  Finally, Conrad has also educated me immensely on the importance of diet and poor food choices – I have decreased my takeaways considerably and got back in to cooking.  A combination of all of the above means at the time of writing I have taken approx. 10kgs of my weight, dropped my body fat considerably – evidence: I was asked for ID when on holiday in the US and I am 31!!!”

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