Laurie Hindley

September 25th, 2016 |

“Training with Conrad has improved my well-being beyond measure. After two knee surgeries, and countless hours with physios and trainers, I was in pain and not happy with my level of fitness. Conrad began by using Kinesio tape, and designed a program that centered on building strength and improving my gait. Conrad’s sessions are focused and challenging, and he creates personalized “homework” assignments. Conrad looks at the entire picture of your health: nutrition, breathing patterns, strength, flexibility, dietary supplements, even what type of trainers are best for you. Within a few months I was able to run again, and wearing a smaller dress size, too.

Just over a year into our training I became pregnant, and Conrad was brilliant at adjusting my workouts to accommodate my new needs (and growing belly!). I was training with Conrad right up until the day before I went into labour. I resumed training eight weeks after my daughter was born, and, again, Conrad created a highly-personalised workout for my post-natal health, which helped me to quickly return to my pre-pregnancy fitness levels. 

Conrad cares about his clients. He is a true professional, who is always seeking to further develop his skills. I leave each session feeling better than when I arrived, and I recommend him to everyone I know. Conrad uses the latest technology together with tried and tested methods to help me reach my goals, and I am truly grateful.”

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