Nina Desimone

September 25th, 2016 |

“My primary goal is to get in shape and lose some weight. When I had to stop running a couple of years ago, I put on weight and struggled to find an exercise program that provided the same level of intensity as running. Working out with Conrad not only gives me that intense workout that I miss from running, but he incorporates exercises that work more muscles in my body than just running does.

I have learned several new exercises from Conrad. He always uses a variety of techniques to make the workout different and interesting so I stay motivated for the whole session. It’s great! Sometimes I wish I had time to take notes because I particularly like the abdominal exercises he gives me. Be prepared though, they are not easy! Conrad also is very knowledgeable about other areas of health and nutrition and often we talk about other things that can help me achieve my goals.

I am definitely noticing results and so are my friends! I feel stronger and have even discussed adding more sessions with Conrad. We just set a goal for the next 6 weeks and I am motivated to reach that goal!”

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