Sarah Vaughan

September 25th, 2016 |

“His depth of knowledge, encouragement and dedicated approach have transformed my fitness, health and general well-being.

Conrad’s challenging but easy to follow work-outs, combined with his sound advice on nutrition, helped me to achieve my target weight and size in just a few months and I have kept the pounds off since. What’s more, as an ex-smoker I am delighted to be building my cardio fitness with Conrad’s help.

My next goal of achieving better muscle tone and strength is within my sights thanks to the program that Conrad has devised especially for me. I should also point out that the Kinesio Taping and AIS techniques that Conrad employs have resulted in eliminating a recurrent pain in my thigh and groin, as well as correcting a life-long habit of turning out my right foot when running.

Before training with Conrad I would never have believed that I could be in better shape in my mid-forties than I was in my twenties!”

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