New piece of cardio equipment to challenge clients with!

Testing out a new piece of cardio equipment for the gym  – A Ultraslide Slideboard.

Great for cardiovascular conditioning, hip and knee stability and also toning butt and thighs.
Most cardio equipment works only in a forward motion, with the slideboard you get side to side (lateral) motion which offers a range of benefits from overall fitness to sports specific training.
Really glad to have the slideboard as a new addition to further challenge my clients!

Rugby Innovation Summit 2016

Just finished up two days at the rugby innovation summit 2016 – fantastic summit,I learned loads from many presenters sharing research and practical methods for injury prevention and performance enhancement in rugby.    

Some of the highlights for me were Bill Burgos, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Orlando Magic speaking on acceleration and horizontal force loading. Bill started his presentation with this highlight clip of NBA star Aaron Gordon who has been through his program…needless to say it got everybody listening! …you can check it out below
Also Clive Brewer, Asst. Director of High Performance, Toronto Blue Jays, talk on athletic performance in professional rugby league was awesome too.  
Thanks to game changer sports for organising a great event!

New COF Studio

First Couple of months in the new gym complete! Its been awesome sharing the improved training experience with clients.   I’m very excited for what will be achieved here in the future. I would like to say a special thanks to all of my clients Ive worked with over the last 7 years I’ve been in London […]

Conrad O’Hagan Fitness is moving

I am excited to tell you that Conrad O’Hagan Fitness is moving to its own premises.  The last week for providing services out of the Tokei Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, is the week beginning Monday 17 August. On Monday 5 October I will start providing services from the Conrad O’Hagan Fitness Studio at 38 Copperfield Street, London SE1 0EA. […]

Carrot Salad

Tastes amazing and is so simple to make!  This salad is definitely a winner and a commonly found staple in my fridge.    Also a  great option to replace starchy carbs if you’re on a low carb diet. Ingredients: Grated carrot Squeeze of lemon juice Sprinkle of seed mix (sunflower, pumpkin and dried cranberries) Handful […]

Eat Fermented Foods and Lose Belly Fat?

  A really interesting recent study in the European journal of clinical nutrition found that drinking a probiotic rich fermented milk drink over a period of 12 weeks lowered abdominal fat by 5% without any further dietary intervention when compared to a control group.  Abdominal fat was measured using Computer tomography scans, the most accurate measure […]