Andrew K

June 10th, 2016 |

“I came to Conrad O’Hagan after several frustrating months of trying to find a reliable path to being pain free after years of back issues which culminated in surgery (a microdisectomy).  Conrad’s knowledge of the body surpasses every physio and related practitioner I have ever come across and he was able to quickly understand where I was and where I needed to go in terms of rehabilitation and increasing strength in order to eliminate future pain and injury.

This was done in a way that made sense and was completely objective and unassuming.  In my case my body just wasnt working in sync and I had fallen into some bad habits without knowing it – for instance I was using small back muscles to breathe and to stay upright while larger muscles were dormant.

Over several sessions he was able to begin the process of getting everything working together in a way that didnt place stress on my lower back and ensured that the right muscles were firing.  There were several occasions where I would arrive at the studio in a bit of pain and leave completely pain free – in just an hour we had improved.  The weight training and exercises were designed to improve the underlying problems, not just address the symptoms.

My journey to being completely pain free and strong enough to avoid future back issues is not complete but I can honestly say that going to that first session with Conrad completely changed my outlook and for the first time I realised there is a way that leads to a lifetime free of back pain.  I would recommend Conrad to anyone who is recovering from injury and who wants to solve the underlying causes for good.”

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