Dirk Peltzer

September 25th, 2016 |

“Feeling low, frustrated and out of shape after a long term foot and hip injury as a result of too much running, a friend recommended to see Conrad. I had never properly trained in a gym before and assumed I would not like it. Two years on I can say that not only am I in a good shape mentally and physically but also the injury problems disappeared. I now really enjoy working out in a gym- especially training with weights which I have come to see as my friends and allies.
Conrad’s training programs are carefully put together with my long term goals in mind, are varied and are adopted regularly. He is very motivational and fun to work with. A lot of attention is paid to technical details and how exercises are executed.

What I really appreciate is that the care is not limited to the weekly training sessions. Conrad’s advise on nutrition, breathing, posture etc has given me a greater understanding of how my body functions, the benefits of muscle strength and the direct impact of nutrition on my body. As a result I lost body fat, gained muscle weight, achieved greater definition and ultimately have a greater body confidence.

It has been a long journey and I am looking forward to continuing to train with Conrad.”

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