Duncan Bech

September 25th, 2016 |

“I began training with Conrad in July 2012 following a succession of significant injuries, including torn cartilage in the shoulder that needed surgery. Not only was he instrumental in my rehabilitation, enabling me to train close to full throttle once again, his expertise has also improved my conditioning to the best it’s been in 20 years of training.

Just as important as the technical knowledge he used to build my shoulder back up was his positive attitude. Injuries can be a challenging time psychologically, but the encouragement and support that’s part of Conrad’s collaborative approach was crucial to my rehabilitation.

In terms of conditioning, his knowledge is extensive. After a few sessions I had a more structured and technically focused approach to training that has resulted in greater muscle definition and balance. As a 37-year-old my goal is to be able to train for as long as possible while staying injury free and Conrad’s guidance is helping me achieve this.

Finally, Conrad has managed to overhaul my diet, reducing my vast consumption of sugar. I now have a healthier diet that better supports my training and his ability to push the right buttons in terms of motivation means it wasn’t that difficult to make the change.

I continue to train with Conrad and have recommended him strongly to family and friends –  I can’t offer any higher praise than that.”

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