Dylan Kelly

September 25th, 2016 |

“I have been training with Conrad for the last two years through a referral from a close friend. I started training with him to address recurring hamstring and groin injuries. Conrad very quickly identified the root causes of the problem and helped me better balance my body from a strength, mobility and flexibility perspective. My body has transformed and I am injury free, leaner, stronger and am physically much better balanced than I have ever been. My whole approach to training and diet etc. has changed as a result of working with him. His workouts and instructions are very structured, clear and tailored to your issue/problem. I originally started training with Conrad to address long standing problems. Although all of these have been addressed, I continue to train with him because he is an expert in his field and I constantly learn by working with him. His workouts are varied, interesting and, above all, deliver results. Consequently, I did not have any hesitation in referring four of my friends on to Conrad and they have all achieved their training objectives through working with him.”

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