Ed Harding

September 25th, 2016 |

“My main objective was to lose body fat, in particular a few inches around the waist, without losing muscle mass. Conrad put together a program where we trained for 3 times per week, with a further 1-2 days of training by myself. The training slots increased in intensity each week and comprised a mixture of body weight and free weight exercises. I booked 10 sessions to ensure I remained committed, moreover, it also proved better value.

I was particularly pleased about the variety of exercises Conrad chose which developed muscles I had simply ignored in my previous training. Conrad introduced me to many new exercises and combinations of exercises that I revisit and mix up time and time again. My key results after 5 weeks were:

  • Around 3 inches off my waist
  • Noticeably improved general fitness
  • No decrease in strength – In fact, I was able to lift more in shoulder exercises, having trained secondary support muscles.

Conrad listened carefully to my needs, constructed a well-tailored, varied and interesting personal training program that involved some intense one-on-one training sessions, an individual supporting plan as well as comprehensive dietary advice. The sessions and Conrad’s encouragement pushed me to get the results I was after. In all, a very satisfied customer.”

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