My posture has improved and my strength in my shoulders

July 5th, 2017 |

I undertook a shoulder programme with Conrad over the last 3-4 months to correct long term issues I have been experiencing with my shoulders. 

My arms have typically hung low causing my shoulders to round and my upper traps and teres major and teres minor to be very tight. This has redulted in some very painful trigger points in my back and neck as well as limited overhead range of motion for my shoulders. 

Since starting the programme with Conrad, I have noticed a decreasing need for self-massage in my upper back with fewer trigger points, more sustained range of movement in my shoulders, stronger and more prominent neck muscles (with better connection into and coordination with the upper traps). We focus on keeping my rib cage expanded in the exercises using a lighter weight but really focusing on challenging the relevant support muscles in the exercise. My posture has improved and my strength in my shoulders and traps as a result of this programme. I would highly recommend it to those who have similar issues with their shoulders and back. 

Dylan Kelly

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